A1 Verb Tenses

According to the Council of Europe's CEFR Descriptors, an A1 learner:
  • Can describe themselves, what they do and where they live.
  • Can exchange likes and dislikes for sports, foods, etc., using a limited repertoire of expressions, when addressed clearly, slowly and directly.
  • Can give simple directions on how to get from X to Y, using basic expressions such as “turn right” and “go straight” along with sequential connectors such as “first”, “then” and “next”.
  • Can use simple words/signs and phrases to describe certain everyday objects (e.g. the color of a car, whether it is big or small).

Whether you're a true beginner, or would like to refresh your skills with these goals, here are the three verb tenses or forms considered to be at the A1 CEFR level:

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