Build your Confidence!

Grammar is the key to confident communication.

Knowing how to say what you want to say instantly increases your confidence in communicating. Building a solid foundation of English grammar is the key to communicating with confidence!


English grammar my seem overwhelming. But looking at the big picture allows us to see the underlying structure and regularity behind all of the exceptions. There are rules and patterns that can help bring order and can help English learners to see 


1) why each tense is formed the way it is

2) how each verb tense connects with the others, and 

3) why we choose one verb tense over another.


Practicing English grammar to the point of automaticity will give you the confidence to communicate. My workbooks give you the chance to practice with each tense independently, as well as to practice choosing between or among the different tenses. You will practice identifying signal words as well as companion tenses which indicate which verb tense to use. Not having to stop and think which tense to use is one of the characteristics of a fluent speaker.



Hi! I'm Julie

I have been teaching and tutoring English online since 2018. My workbooks come from worksheets that I began making to help give my students extra practice with certain English grammar topics.


English is such a beautiful language with a rich vocabulary, interesting grammar, and delightful surprises.

Learning English, either as a first, second, or additional language should be enjoyable!


My goal is to provide exercises and information to help make your study of English as enjoyable as possible.

So, whether you're a learner, a teacher, a tutor, or any combination of those, I hope you find something here that can help you on your English journey!


Let's Get Started!

Choose from any of the links below to discover videos, explanations, and practice worksheets.

Explanations and videos for each of the twelve regular English verb tenses.

Practice workbooks for many topics in English grammar.

If you would like conversation practice, need to prepare for an interview or an event, or just have a question you would like to discuss live, I offer one-on-one live sessions.

"Julie is knowledgeable and experienced. She helped me with grammar and practice English."

-Alena, from Belarus

About me

I was an elementary school teacher for 7 years. I taught 2nd and 5th grade for one year each, and 3rd grade for 5 years. 


I have been teaching and tutoring English online since 2018. I have taught and tutored both native English speakers and English learners. I have been lucky enough to work with both children and adults, and I have enjoyed every lesson!


I have a bachelor's degree in linguistics and a master's degree in education, both from Brigham Young University in Utah. I also have a TESOL certification.


I also love to learn languages! I have been studying Spanish since I was 15, and have also been lucky enough to get to study Italian, German, French, and Mandarin Chinese. I love using my experience learning languages to help provide materials, practice, and guidance to English learners. I know how challenging it can be to find resources and practice materials, and I'm happy to help make that process easier for others!